About Us

Aperture Engineering (AE) is located in Memphis, Tennessee. We are a brand new start up Father/Son Garage-based manufacturing facility. Together, we make up a strong design team, and have impressive manufacturing capabilities for our size. We have a wide range of products we're currently working on, so check back frequently for updates and new product releases.

Our current Manufacturing capabilities include a CNC Mill and Lathe, 3D Printer for Prototyping, an Electric Hydraulic Pipe bender, Mig/Tig Welder, Plasma Cutter, and we are currently in the process of building a CNC table for both the Plasma Cutter and a Router. We're always looking for new and exciting challenges, we're confident we can create just about anything we imagine with our current equipment, and if not, we'll build something that can..

Business Goal

We feel Over Engineering is an often under rated achievement. If it can be broken, then it probably wasn't strong enough to begin with.. Nothing is indestructible, and failure is always an option, but we want people to have to work pretty damn hard to break anything we make, because that's how we expect anything we buy to be made. (Which sadly, is rarely the case..)

  • We want to build and sell quality products that are practical and useful. 
  • New philosophy centered around Over-Engineering Excellence.
  • Aesthetics are important as well, and we have our own certain style that we think, "looks cool". But aesthetics are never to supersede function.

Meet the Aperture Engineering Team

Owner / Inventor / CNC Programmer / Web Admin

Steve Jr. (II)

Steve II has over 15 years experience with programming and operating CNC machines.

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General Manager / Project Manager

Steve Sr.

Steve I, has 33 + years as a PM and has owned as well as managed several different businesses. He has a BS in Marketing and a MBA in Project Management. Steve’s strengths are in organizing projects and seeing them through from an idea into a money producing product. Steve currently contracts out to organizations who require a skilled PM / Quality Manager.

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